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ANNIE PADDEN JUBB is the author of LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force (2003), and Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology (2004), both by North Atlantic Books. She is a pioneer in bio-based nutrition and the use of food as natural medicine.

Since 1989 she has taught extensively, often traveling and lecturing some 200 days a year. Her weekly live lecture series ran in Manhattan from 1991 to 2000 and during that time she created and ran an out-patient fasting clinic for her signature Jubb’s 14-Day LifeFood Nutritional Fast that incorporates a uniquely effective and easy-to-do liver and gallbladder healing procedure.

She hosted and produced the Universe Inside our Mind TV show on Manhattan Cable from 1997 to 2001 to educate and motivate people to safely detoxify the body of waste while building the immune system through LifeFood Nutrition: the art and science of raw living food.

In 1998 she owned and ran The Raw Experience Restaurant in San Francisco, a raw, organic and vegan full service restaurant. It was a money-losing restaurant when she obtained it and 10 months later she sold it back to the original owner as a successful money making restaurant with its redesigned kitchen, menu and systems in place.

She is widely recognized as a world authority on detoxifying the body and cell rejuvenation. Her influence has been the catalyst for the living food lifestyle and revolutionary raw diet trend that is sweeping across North America.

Annie has guided many thousands of people through Jubb’s 14-Day LifeFood Nutritional Fast. This program transforms and rejuvenates the body. The healthy person looks years younger and the health-challenged individual begins to recover as the body is flooded with nutrition while also detoxing safely.

In 2001 Annie designed and opened a store in Manhattan, Jubb’s Longevity, Inc. that retails organic LifeFood products, pure body care products, water and air purification units and a full line of original herbal formulations and a gourmet LifeFood patisserie specializing in organic, raw and vegan delicacies like layer cakes with frosting, pie, cookies, pizza and savory wraps.

Annie is also a nationally known corporate retreat trainer and an originator of Whole Brain Functioning, her adventure-based experiential learning program to create deep resource states of consciousness through firewalking, sweatlodge, and high altitude ropes courses. Annie is known to her clients as a teacher, healer, spiritual leader, amazing speaker and expert in the mind-body connection.



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