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Annie Padden Jubb

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Eat an abundance of living food

Recover your wellness and discover your deeper beauty

Gourmet Lifefood Raw Vegan cuisine of the highest quality, with cafe's in La, nyc & sf

LifeFood Organic cafe's in LA and Santa Monica

Gourmet organic living foods artfully prepared and easily digested, for strength, health and beauty.

The Cafe's have closed.

Gourmet Superfood Desserts

All of my desserts are unbaked and loaded with super foods. This LifeFood tiramisu is a healthy choice for anyone who wants a sweet treet, no matter your health profile. The dates and coconut nectar sweetener is balanced with nut proteins and necessary fats to slow sugars down. No sugar spike here.

LifeFood Alchemy

The Art and Science of LifeFood Nutrition

The body is a perfect, self-correcting organism

"Flush out and remove toxins from stagnant organs while super-nourishing the body with plenty of fresh organic living foods and the body self-corrects"

Annie Padden Jubb

Annie at Mammoth

my books & eBooks are available at North atlantic books

LifeFood Recipe Book; Living on Life Force

LifeFood Nutrition is the artful and delicious use of food as medicine. It is raw living and plant-based, whipped into delicious elegant recipes . Easy to understand, it walks you through the basics and gives 150+ recipes and short cut hacks to physical wellbeing. I outline my signature 14-Day LifeFood Nutritional Fast and other tissue cleansing processes.

Lifefood Nutrition reverses the conditions of degenerative diseases. The best defense against all pathogens is a robust immune system. Arm yourself with the Secret Teachings to radiant good health

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Secrets of an Alkaline Body; The New Science of Colloidal Biology

This book describes how the protocols outlined in LifeFood Recipe Book work to clean up the background mucosa of the body and initiate the process of cellular healing, most particularly in the circumstance of cancer.

In scholarly and at times poetic language this book offers a host of ways to alkalize the body to regain proper pH balance. This work outlines a fresh doctrine, Colloidal Biology, describing the way a cell nourishes itself and excreets waste.

This book isn't for everyone. It's for nerds who want to nerd out on alkalizing programs and herbal formulas to detox and super-nourish body tissues.

My Signature Nutritional Detox Program

The program is outlined in my book, LifeFood Recipe Book. I also conduct private inhouse detox programs with my liver & gallbladder flush

MSM lotion, MSM capsules

Timeless Skin

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Interviews with Annie

Lifefood Nutritionals Farm

My business partner and I have developed 96 acres in Ontario Canada that is biodynamically farmed, a step above organic.

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