A n n i e P a d d e n J u b b * LifeFood Nutrition: The Art and Science of Gourmet Living Food

Sylvia + Maryl Interview

Recently, author, lecturer and healer Annie Padden Jubb opened up the wonderful LifeFood Organic restaurant/shop on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga in Hollywood. Having read her enlightening book Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology and sampled her and chef Laurel’s wonderful creations (they have an incredible raw lasagna made of zuccini noodles marinated in olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and oregano, with a cashew, Irish moss basil mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, pesto, marinara, and basil leaves) we had to sit down for a chat.

Annie is known as an authority in detoxification and cellular regeneration, and a pioneer in bio-based nutrition that focuses on raw, life foods.  In addition to LifeFood Organic, she has owned and operated The Raw Experience Restaurant in San Francisco, hosted and produced the Universe Inside Your Mind TV show, and opened Jubb’s Longevity, Inc, a store in Manhattan that retails LifeFood products of her own creation that aid in detoxification and cellular nutrition. She has also been trained in neurolinguistic programming, taught clinical hypnosis, and is sought after worldwide for her engaging lectures and result-driven health consultations.

Silvie Celiz: How did you start your path on nutritional healing?

Annie Padden Jubb: I was doing neurolinguistic programming, leading fire walks, sweat lodges, teaching clinical hypnosis. And all my clients started coming to me in the 1980s with all these cancers, there was also obesity, diabetes suddenly everywhere – adult onset diabetes was beginning to show up in kids under 18. I did some research and realized that, in 1985, there was a political decision to change all of the sugar from cane to high fructose corn syrup. And that’s what I think is really a turning point here. They’ve also eroded the food supply incredibly during this time – genetic modification, taking all the nutrients out of the soil and not replenishing it. That’s why I got into nutrition. I work on the premise that the body is a perfect self-correcting mechanism, and if this is the case, then any kind of disease is too many toxins and not enough nutrients. So, I developed a pretty comprehensive detox program, my liver and gall bladder flush. They’re amazing, they get people to stuff out all these amazing gall stones – everybody has them it’s amazing. It’s also amazing once you empty that vessel how much more functional the liver is. First of all, your digestion improves. So, the liver is the most important organ of the body, it’s what I always treat first – I don’t care if somebody’s got a brain tumor, or gout in their toe or whatever, the first thing to do is clean out the liver, open up the bile ducts, get everything moving, all the organs of elimination activated – and the system recovers.

Maryl Celiz: You mention in your book that disease is either due to toxicity or enervation. Can you define those?

APJ: Toxicity is anything that you’re storing or that is causing some kind of damage, some kind of stopping in your immune system. So, chemicals, flavoring, seasonings, additives, excitotoxins – all of this stuff they’re adding to food that isn’t really tasty, doesn’t have any nutritive value, so they have to override your natural senses to find food. So, these flavorings and stuff excite the salivary glands to death. So then people eat this and have all of these “flavors” exploding in their mouth…and then you give them an apple and they’re like “boring”. And they really can’t taste much, it takes them a while for their taste buds to recover, and then they go “oh..it’s an apple..it smells good” and then lean into it. That’s my philosophy, so toxicity is that, and then enervation is a lack of  nerve-to-nerve communication, a lack of communication on a cellular level. Enervation is like disempowerment. And when you’re disempowered, you can see it in people’s posture – they’re like a question mark.

SC: In all of your years of lectures and consultation, what have you found to be the most common problem on a non-physical level?

APJ: On a purely psychosomatic level, people are constantly programming disease for themselves, or irritabilities or discomforts. And they use organ language. So, here’s something you’ll hear a lot of people say: “That person is just a pain in my butt.” And I want to say “don’t put it there! Put it somewhere else, like over there! A pain in my wall.” And then you’ll notice that they will have a pain in their butt – it’s either hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome – and there is always an emotional component to any of this, so that’s why I always check what someone’s language is telling me. All of our emotions override the physical – they actually come first and then the physical follows behind. So, for example, I have a friend who called me and she said “I have a little bit of cancer.” And I asked her where, and she said “in the left breast”. The left breast is the heart. So immediately I knew there was a heartfelt condition going on, otherwise it could’ve been the other breast. Something is coming into her as a heartfelt message that is messing her up. So I asked her, “how’s your relationship going?” Long silence. So, there you go.

MC: What is a cancer cell?

APJ: A cancer cell is a cell that’s gotten very fat and stupid. But it’s reversible. It’s just obese and dumb and kind of like knocked out on bad food and it doesn’t remember that it is actually a stem cell and it can be any cell in the body if it really wanted to be, because that is the true nature of any cell. So, it’s this big dopey cell that thinks it can’t move, wants to be on the couch, and says “I just wanna stay here and maybe others will join me and I’ll be a tumor someday. I’ll just hang out.” That’s what a tumor is, it’s just the body’s really creative way to kind of sweep up all the crap into one little spot. The body says “alright, we’re not eliminating and we’re eating too many things that we’re storing and we need a garbage, basically, to get rid of this material.” That’s how tumors are reversed effectively the way they are built, they get built slowly and they can be reversed slowly. And sometimes really fast. We’re emotional, physical and spiritual creatures, and what I’ve found is that, for spontaneous remission to occur, you need to dramatically affect two of those three systems.

SC: What exactly is a colloid?

APJ: It’s a mineral that is so small it has what is called Brownian Movement. And BM is a dance.

MC: How is the mind connected to the body?

APJ: Every thought that we have either has an alkaline or an acidic response in the body. The liver is where we hold anger. We even have sayings for this, language like “made my blood boil”. “Broke my heart” is another thing people say. If somebody comes up and says something lovely to you, you want to take a deep breath, feel lovely. When someone says something negative and you attach yourself to it, you’ll start to protect the heart, shut down the lungs, start to cover and protect your internal organs, maybe cover your face, protect yourself from that. And then there’s adrenaline, or cortisol, which is a stress hormone. It’s pretty available, when there’s emotion. I tell my cancer patients all the time to do their castor patch, coffee enemas, six green juices a day, and you need to watch a funny movie with somebody you love. Have a belly laugh, ‘cause it helps you produce a lot more endogenous opiates and they are the best in the pharmacy, they make you happy.

SC: How do we command our body to release certain things?

APJ: The trigger is usually emotion, how you feel about things. It’s very interesting to do things with hypnosis, for example, my husband used to put someone in a very light hypnosis and would take a little needle and run it down both of the person’s arms. And he would tell the person, “your left arm is invincible. And your right arm is a little weak. And I wonder how you’re going to react to this external stimulation.” So, what happens is the strong side, you see the little mark and it’s gone in a few seconds. But the arm with the suggestion that it’s weak, the mark will be there for a while. Might even form a little scab.

MC: What part does belief play in all this?

APB: Huge. But belief is different than understanding. Belief is really be-love…we actually want to be loved. So, we will do anything if we believe in it. There’s all kinds of cases about this. The placebo effect, for example. Doctors say that it’s not statistically significant because it only affects 17% of us. But then you ask them what their success rate at curing cancer is, and they’ll say 17%. So, basically, you’re only getting people that really believe in the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. And that is statistically significant. They don’t broadcast any statistics that have to do with chemotherapy because it is very ineffective, highly toxic.

SC: Tell us about the 12 stage life cycle.

APB: This is a life cycle that underlies the foundations of health and disease. Once you get this down, nobody can pull the wool over your eyes about disease anymore. Basically, the first three stages are somatids, spores, and double spores. The first three stages are in every healthy body, with very healthy blood that has a lot of space and is very slippery. Now, the next stages are mold, fungus, yeast, bacteria, parasites, worm, and then it goes into the putrification stages. Mold, fungus, yeast and bacteria are the beginning stages of any disease – that’s aging, that’s working your way toward decomposing. When you get to the end of it, you’ll hardly find any somatids, spores or double spores in there. When you look into the blood, what you will find are a lot of artifacts. They don’t even know what they are, they just call them “artifacts”, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what they are: They’re mold, fungus, yeast, bacteria, and then we get into worms. So when somebody says they have parasites, I already know at what stage of the disease game they are. Because they can’t be there at the beginning. You know, if you had plenty of somatids, spores, and double spores in there, you could drink a whole bottle of cholera, and it wouldn’t even be a problem at all. Also, whenever you’re carrying around a lot of extra flesh, people always have a bunch of extra amoebas – freeloaders I always call them – so, getting rid of this stuff makes you lose a lot of weight. They also nest and breed in gall stones, so it’s a good idea to get rid of your gall stones.

MC: So, what are gall stones?

APJ: Gall stones are made out of cholesterol and calcium and insipid pus, so, mostly from eating starches. If you eat a lot of starches, stuff made from hybridized wheat flour, for example. This country was actually founded on millet, a very high integrity grain. If we went back to eating millet, a lot of the problems we see today would disappear – all of the irritable bowel syndromes, cancer – cancer is a sugar-addict cell, basically. If you look under a microscope, our cells have a little mouth and a little butt-hole: They eat and they poop, eat and poop. If you kept this cycle clear of waste and working perfectly, our cells would live forever.

SC: How important is lifestyle in health?

APJ: Very important. There were some studies of two islands in which populations lived to be very old. And what they found is that, basically, there are conditions of longevity that need to be met. One of them is laughter and community, that they recognize you for your contribution. The other is partnership with family. Also, dancing. Some sort of purpose, whatever it may be, even if it’s “I grow grains, that’s what I do and do it well,”. And a couple of other factors. The other thing in both of these two little islands is that the water  was very highly alkaline. And that’s the basis of Secrets of an Alkaline Body, is that if we create a perfect pH balance – 80% alkaline, 20% acidic – you can live very long lives. Anything from pH 7 and above is alkaline and actually rinses the cells clean of acid. So, what is cancer. Cancer can only be met with two conditions: It has to be an extremely acidic environment – about 4 something – and there has to be an anaerobic environment as well, not much oxygen, the body has to be very viscous, very slowly moving through the body, lots of artifacts, red blood cells that are really weird shapes (they should be really round and bright). But all of it is completely reversible. I’ve seen people with the worst blood and couple months or a year later, beautiful blood.

MC: So, alkaline water plays a huge part in this.

APJ: Yes. You can buy systems for that, and definitely stay away from water bottles, because the plastic leaches all sorts of carcinogenic chemicals into the water. I also have these drops that you can put in the water to make it more alkaline. You can get good filters that pull out all the chemicals, too.  By the way, did you know that fluoride was something that the Nazis would put in the water supply of the jews because they found that it made them more docile? It’s a toxic chemical.

SC: What’s the importance of electricity in all of this?

APJ: Well, the electrics are what animate us. What is that harmonizing influence that keeps everything pulled together into a single entity? Electricity. We’re vastly electrical beings, we have an amazing response to the electricity inside and also outside of us. How information is channeled between people has to do with our electrical fields. And food has a life force, different foods have different energy.

MC: What is the percentage of raw foods that you recommend to eat?

APJ: Well, it depends where you are emotionally, because the raw foods are very yin. They are yin-forming in the body. If you need yang energy, go for the cooked, the grains, rice and beans. Average ball park, if you live in a moderate climate, I would say 80% raw food and 20% cooked food for the average situation. When you don’t have any cravings, your body calls for exactly what you need.